Synergy Dallas April 27, 2002

Synergy 04/27/2002:  Peter Murphry CD Release Party and Special Guest DJ Kangal from Catacombs in DC


DJ Caustic

thighpaulsandra - black nurse
RIOU - octave shift
carol conners/ ennio morricone - we are one
killing joke - the wait
gomez - grip
index - mesh life/word processor
individual totem - new general catalogue
drift - beatz and vapors
++ mlada fronta - PD 106.4
salt - hychrome
twilight circus - voice
1-speed bike - my kitchen is tiananmen square

DJ Tankgirl 213 

snog - hey, christian god
takshaka - motoko 2501
kidneythieves - s + m 
ravenous - drowning land
shades of grey - emotional
deathline international - destroy
haujobb - rising sun
evil's toy - from above comes sleep
numb - critical mass
hypnoskull - electronic music means war to us
god module - denial
cleaner - the voice [beborn beton remix]
blutengel - no god
:wumpscut: - she's dead
++ massive attack - angel
assemblage 23 - skyquake [railgun oblivion mix]
beborn beton - deeper than the usual feeling
wolfsheim - this time
fictional - dream of god
vnv nation - legion


Haujobb - Cleaned Visions (Rmx By Scope) (tossed in by Dok Industrial)
Noisex - Clit.Work (Maschinworked)
Insekt - Scum
Decoded Feedback - Mother Tenebrarum
Massiv In Mensh - Offensiv Shock [Rector Scanner - Mix By Agro]
Imperative Reaction - Flatline
Skinny Puppy - Shore Lined Poison (Remix from Spasmolytic single)
Mentallo And The Fixer - Peril

DJ Alptraum

melotron - bruder
kramm - dlacceskind
dance or die - time zero [boom mix]
project pitchfork - KNKA
out out - admire the question
das ich - lugen und das ich
dorsetshire - strasse der verdammnis
silke bischoff - on the otherside


Clock DVA - Eternity
X Marks The Pedwalk - Mirthless Knick Knack
Wumpscut - Pornography
Aircrash Bureau - Time To Die
Hexedene - Close My Eyes
Shimri - Eclipsing Binary
Plastic Noise Experience - Memory Flow
Project Pitchfork - Lam Bras
Pierrpoint - Judas
Suicide Commando - Delusion


Cyberina Flux

ASF - Inferno (vocal rapid ed)
Alien Sex Fiend - Inferno (Vocal Rapid Edit)
Shelly - Self Desti
ShellyDevoto - Self Destruction
Sole - Statik
Solemn Assembly - Statik Heaven
Defcode - Atlantis
Decoded Feedback - Atlantis
Din_Fiv - We Are [Deathgrind Battery]
Implant - Look At Me
Faith and the Muse - Shattered [Bass X]
Shattered in Aspect (Bass_X rmX)
:Wumpscut: - Totmacher [Covenant mix]
Stromkern - #2
Swans - I am the Sun

DJ Xyklon

Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. - Sex Dwarf
The Retrosoic - Death Means Nothing
Blok 57 - Burn Baby Burn
DavaNtage - Decadence [Fiendflug remix]
Eco - Frame of Mind
Covenant - Go Film
Cut.Rate.Box - Zion Sank
Funker Vogt - Gauman_Crossed
Peter Murphy - Just For You [Obssesion Mix]
Lost Signal - Torment
Dismantled - Vision

DJ Kangal 

C2 - Crowd Control
VNV Nation - Structure [Resident Evil Edit]
Assemblage 23 - Divide
Informatik - Hopeless
Cesium 137 - Regrets
Clear Vision - Pillow Talk
Mechanical Horizon - New Horizons
H-Bomb - Red Pill, Blue Pill
Pax - Outfaced
Negative Energy - Ghost in Me
Neuriticfish - M.F.A.P.L.
Peter Murphy - Scarlet Thing in You
Kidney Thieves - Zerospace
Skinny Puppy - Dig It [live]
SMP - Finished
Kevin Aviance - Join In the Chant [Superchumbo Megamix]
2Xtreme - Der General
Microchip League - New York, New York

DJ Floorclearer [12:30am to 1:30am]: 

Bauhaus - Bela Lagosi's Dead 
Sneaker Pimps - Small Town Witch 
The Faint - Glass Danse 
Felix Da Housecat - Happy Hour 
And One - Pansermensch 
Razed in Black - Oh My Goth [DJ RiB mix] 
Psyche - Sanctuary [Negative Format remix] 
Funker Vogt - Narayan 
++ Aiboforcen - Freezing Dreams 
Covenant - Tour De Force [Club mix] 
Switchblade Symphony - Sweet [Apoptygma Berzerk Mix] 
++ Project Pitchfork - Timekiller [And One remix] 

DJ Xyklon/Cyberina Flux tagteam

Apoptygma Berzerk - Starsign [extended]
Evil's Toy - Organics [Slow Motion mix]
Suicide Commando - Hellraiser [VNV]
++ Cut.Rate.Box - Behind the Wheel [FA Preve mix]
Seabound - Hooked [Radical Mix]
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Swine and Roses
Peter Murphy - Indigo 

++ indicates request

[c] 2002 Synergy-Dallas