Synergy Dallas May 18, 2002

Synergy Dallas 05/18/2002:  


Dok Industrial

DJ tron--preezentation
Black Lung--panic squad interruption
Reset--1979 (12" mix)
Laura Grabb--force factor
Venetian Snares--all the little children are dead
Parasite--the death of techno
Knar--braindead (schizoid "terror shrooms" remix)
Aphex Twin--cock/ver 10
Proyecto Mirage--la invasion divina
SaVaK--a warning to all
Imminent Starvation--lost highway 45
Panacea--twisted designz
Needle Sharing--DNS
Asche--another monster
Cybernetic Fuckheads--praise

Assemblage 23--disappoint (funker vogt remix)
Decoded Feedback--immortal
Beborn Beton--the colour of love
Neurotic Fish--music for a paranormal life
De/Vision--your hands on my skin
Wolfsheim--kunstliche welten
C-Drone Defect--psycho vi
Funker Vogt--civil war
VNV Nation--dark angel
Assemblage 23--love my way
Neurotic Fish--wake me up/club edit
Seabound--hooked (radical mix)
ECO--hass & liebe
Stromkern--perfect sunrise ++


Icon Of Coil - Former Self (unknown mix) 
Kismet - Assassin 
Funker Vogt - Narayan 
Front 242 - Headhunter (Funker Vogt mix) 
Kevin Aviance - Join In The Chant 
No Doubt - Making Out 
Felix Da Housecat - Happy Hour 
Luke Slater - I Can Complete You 
Sneaker Pimps - The Fuel 
Fad Gadget - Swallow It (Regurgitated) 

Cyberina Flux

Informatik--flesh menagerie
VNV nation--epicentre ++
Cut.Rate.Box--behind the wheel
:Wumpscut:--die in winter (seasons change haujobb)
Timo Maas--we are nothing
Meat Beat Manifesto--helter skelter 97
Schiller mit Heppner - Dream of You (Moella Remix)
Switchblade Symphony-sweet (APB mix)
And One--panzermensch
Wave In Head--happy monday
Die Form--radiomorphism II ++
Apoptygma Berzerk--kathy's song
Collide--whip it
Alien Sex Fiend--i walk the line
Death In June--Kammeradschaft
Wonder Woman


DJ :insect
insect genetics - molt
Bleak - the Boilerroom
Somatic Responses - Leek Soup
insect genetics - hivemind
NKVD - Destruction [Hard]
Manufactura - Killing You
Mnemonic - Frustcompensation [Somatic Responses Extended Mix]
Xingu Hill - Core Illness
Reset - The Buttons Injected with Fuel
Dismantled - Survivor
Exclipsect - Sickly
Converter - Be Broken [Illdub by Synapscape]
Gridlock - Edit 364
Substanz-T - Really Good

DJ Caustic
Death in June - We Said Destroy II
Coil - Dark Age of Love
Secret Cheifs 3 - Jabalqa / Jabarsa
Coil - Theme from Blue II
Green Pajamas - This is When We Disappear
Coil - The Sound of Music
Not Breathing - Neptune Rotor Probe
Coil - Protection
Death in June - Rose Clouds of Holocaust
Current 93 - Love Dance of the Nodding Folk
Psychic TV - Caresse Song
Epilepsy - Kyrie

djemptyx  - 12:15am - 2am

Velvet Acid Christ - Psycho
Flesh Field - Pulsate
Individual Totem - Subsistence
Absurd Minds - Deception (E-Craft Mix)
In Strict Confidence - Prediction (Extended Version)
Wumpscut - Womb (Born Again Remixx)
Covenant - Voices
HMB - Night Vision
Front 242 - Headhunter 2000 (Remixed by Xingu Hill)
Haujobb - Transfer
Hexedene - Dream In The Witchhouse
A´boforcen - Twighlight World (Fiction 8 Remix)
Traci Lords - Fallen Angel
X Marks The Pedwalk - Sweep Hands
Cleaner - LSD Eyes
Decoded Feedback - Biovital
Negative Energy - The Resurrection
Void Construct - Critical Mass
Decoded Feedback - Human Instinct
Evils Toy - Sacrifice

DJ emptyx / DJ :insect Tag Set
ex - In Strict Confidence - Hidden Thoughts
:i - Die Form - Animal Magnetism
ex - Xebox - Technik Freak
:i - Pax - Visual Effect
:i - Neuroticfish - Black Again
ex - Accessory - Live Hammer
:i - Cut.Rate.Box - In Your Eyes
:i - Cleen - the Voice [And One]
ex - Klirrfaktor - Bis Der Arzt Kommt 

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