Mythos playlist 11/28/2003
Mythos 11/28/2003 playlist

DJ Ragnarok - missing playlist

DJ Dark Orchid - missing playlist

DJ Per

Melotron - Kein Problem
Die Krupps with Nitzer Ebb - Machineries of Joy (True Work Mix)
Ladder Climber - Lucretia/My Reflection
Programming the Psychodrill (PTP) - Rubber Glove Seduction
Until December - Live Alone In Shame (Cotati Remix)
Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix)
Gary Numan - Cars
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Razormaid)
Yello - Domingo
PFN - Fascination
Dirty Sanchez - Fucking On the Dancefloor
Tomcraft - Overdose
Razed in Black - Oh My Goth! (DJ RiB Trance Mix)
Malaria with Chicks on Speed - Kaltes Klares Wasser
Covenant - Dead Stars (Club mix)
++ Cure - Pictures of You (Extended)
Dominatrix - the Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Black Strobe Remix)
++ Thou Shalt Not - Without Faith
++ Faint - Glass Dance
Junkie XL featuring Robert Smith - Perfect Blue Sky
Vitalic - You Prefer Cocain (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
Hallucinogen - Twisted
Avenue D - Orgasmatron
Atomizer - Hooked On Radiation
Killing Joke - Eighties
Basement Jaxx featuring Siouxsie Sioux - Cash Cale
++ Skinny Puppy - Warlock
The Weathermen - Poison! (Lethal Mix)
Hell - Keep On Waiting

DJ Ragnarok

Q. Lazarus - Goodbye Horses (Extended)
And One - Deutschmachhine
Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr (Dance Mix)
Asche - Doom
Laibach - Achtung!
:wumpscut: - Soylent Grun
Thou Shalt Not - Headhunter

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