DJ Ragnarok

The Vandals - I Wanna Be a Cowboy
Christian Death - Psalm (Maggot's Lair)
SPK - In Flageante Delico
Ou Moins - Taste
Projekt Blauland - Erstickt
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Clinic - Distortions
Quintron - 9.4.9
Bigod 20 - the Bog (Techno Duck Mix)
Fad Gadget - Immobilise (Foot Binding Trot Mix)
Coil - Heartworms
Noise Unit - Dry Lungs
Skinny Puppy - Dig It
Negativland - Christianity Is Stupid
:wumpscut: - Soylent Grun
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
Unto Ashes - Serve me
Butterfly Messiah - Window In Time
Trans-X - Living on Video
And One - Deutsch Maschine
Pneumatic Detach - Detached Pneumatic Rosierucians Kreptkeeptinized (Krept Krept Mix)
William Burroughs - Last Words of Hassan Sabah
Allbisielen - Heiliges Blut
Gary Numan - Dead Heaven
Gridlock - the Metro

DJ Per

Manefactura - Deep Waters
Project Pitchfork - I Live Your Dreams (Gary Numan Remix)
Human League - Reflections
Whaphles Und Cirup - Whiplash
Haujobb - Penetration
Ascii Disko - Photos
Black Strobe - Me & Madonna
Human League - The Sound of The Crowd
Viva La Fete - Nutt Blanche
Sven Vath - Dein Schweiss (Master Mix)
FPU - Racer Car
VNV Nation - Beloved (Grey Dawn Version)
Tomcraft - Overdose
Clan of Xymox - A Day (Remix)
Vitalic - You Prefer Cocaine
Infected Mushroom - Unbalanced
Razed In Black - Oh My Goth!
Dirty Sanchez - Fucking On the Dancefloor
Atomizer - Hooked on Radiation
Blood Hound Gang - Mope
Chicks On Speed - Warm Leatherette
Skinny Puppy - Testure
Until December - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Razormaid)
John B - American Girls
Skinny Puppy - Warlock
Duran Duran - My Own Way (Night Version)
VNV Nation - Freude (Schlachtfeld Version)
Freelance Hellraiser - Uncle Fucker
Human League Vs. Michael Jackson