MYTHOS 2/20/2004 playlist
February 20, 2004 Mythos playlist

DJ Ragnarok

Killing Miranda - Califonia Dreaming
Necromantik Sunshine - Pink
Specimen - Dead Haus
Virgin Prunes - Caucasian Walk
The Crucifucks - By The Door
619 - Cry Wolf
Die Unbekannten - Poseidon
The Executive Slacks - Say It Isn't So
Gotterdamerung - Echoes of Despair
The Adicts - Joker in the Park
Sex Gang Children - Barbarossa
Christian Death - Romeo's Distress
Delta 5 - Mind your Own Business
Japan - European Son
Skinny Puppy - Tainted Love
Fad Gadget - Collapsing new People
Gridlock - the Metro
Codec - She's Transparent (Opaque Mix)
Das Ich - GottestTodt (Nietzsche Mix)
X Marks the Pedwalk - Abbatoir (Razormaid mix)

DJ Per

Covenant - Tabula Rasa
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
Vitalic and Linda Lamb - Fischnets
VNV Nation - Last Light
The Twins - Face to Face (Naughty's Italo Disco Mix)
New Order - Confusion
Icon of Coil - Headhunter (Exclusive Single Edit)
Clan of Xymox - A Day (Remix)
Anenue D - Do I Look Like a Slut?
Dirty Sanchez - Fucking on the Dancefloor
Proper Filthy Naughty - Fascination (DK Mix)
Felix Da Houscat - Madame Hollywood (Tiga Remix)
The Cure - Watching Me Fall (Underdog Remix)
Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix)
New Order - Your Silent Face
Hallucinogen - Twisted
Blank and Jones featuring Robert Smith - A Forest
++ Brudenshaft - Forever (SERO Overdose RMX)
Tomcraft - Into The Light
Ascii Disko - Photos
The Faint - Glass Dance
Northern Light - My Pain
Dirty Sanchez - Sex Dwarf
Human League - The Sound of the Crowd
Gary Numan - Cars (1987 remix)
Tiga - Burning Down

missing a few tracks

++ indicates request