VNV Nation at Gypsy Tea/Ballroom playlist 

DJ Per 

Rotersand - Truth is Fantastic 
Psychobitch - Sweet Kiss 
Infected Mushroom - Spaniard 
Severed Heads - All Saints Day 
Fad Gadget - Lady Shave [John Aquaviva's Robo-sapien Vox] 
Klinik - Moving Hands 
David Caretta - Shock Treatment 
D.A.F. - Danke 
Grendel - Crucify 
++ Seabound - Watching Over You [Haujobb] 
Komputer - Looking Down on London 
Bannister Boy - Wet Dreams [DJ Per Edit] 
Ministry - You Know What You Are 

Soman performs 

DJ Per 

Kiew - Dcdisk [Soman Special Edit] 
Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here [Hacker] 
Combichrist - Tractor 

Imperative Reaction first try 

DJ Per 

Suicide Commando - Hellraiser [VNV Nation] 
? - Per can't read his chickenscratch 
Dulce Liquido - Misantrophy 
Zaza - Zauberstab 
Fear the Robot - Willow's Song 
Chicks on Speed - Warm Leatherette 
Accessory - Mastermind 

VNV Nation performs 

DJ Per 

Fear the Robot - Chanson De Chat 
Bunker Soldier Warlocked 
Warren Suicide - Butcher Boy [Combichrist] 
Lexy - ElectricLadyLand 

Imperative Reaction performs 

++ indicates request